Monday, October 17, 2011

Eggs for Pregnancy

I know it has been a while since I posted, but I hope you will still read this. I just read an interesting article stressing how important it is to eat 2 eggs a day for pregnancy. What did you non-egg eating mommies do to get your protein and nutrients?


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Do you know why that is? Is it for the protein?

My 3-year-old son had severe eczema until he was diagnosed with food allergies a few months back. I have a blog that shares our family’s battles with eczema, allergies, and asthma (yes, lucky guy has that too).

I think the key is to learn from one another, so the more information out there to the masses, the better. With this in mind I’ve started a blog hop for anyone dealing with allergies, eczema, or asthma, either for themselves or as a caregiver. If you’re interested in joining, please add a comment. I’d love to welcome you to the group.


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Egg is a simple and beautiful form of protein.I think children old and the pregnant must never skip this,they are also delicious aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

I am 13 weeks pregnant and suffer from a fairly disruptive egg sensitivity, identified by an IgG blood test. Egg consumption leads to fatigue, mental fogginess, nausea and dark, loose stools. There is no evidence that I've come across that points to some nebulous 'huge' issue with nutrition if a pregnant woman abstains from eggs. I eat lots of lean protein, critical for its iron content, which is necessary given a pregnant woman's blood volume increases by 50%. But is there some huge gap in nutrition from leaving eggs out of the equation? Absolutely not. Just think of the many, many millions of people across cultures that historically haven't had access to eggs. Ensuring you consume the required amounts of animal and non-animal iron sources, calcium, folic acid (via supplements, generally) and an all-around healthy, balanced diet outweigh any possible benefits eggs can provide :)

Anonymous said...

NO comment to anything said here or anywhere.
If you are concerned about egg consumption, raw/organic,
soft poached, or boiled to death.

Dr. Bass can explain it to any one,
witch ever side of food consumption they come from.
Regards to all,
good health, and happy spirit.

Manda said...

Pregnant women do not need to eggs. Nobody does. Check these out: (The second is what I followed during my last pregnancy; I ate beans, nuts, and green vegetables for protein. Since then Dr. Joel Furhman has changed to no longer recommend eggs. The Nutrition Facts videos are newer.)

Anonymous said...

Buy Indian Lentils, Dal etc....Boil in water to make it soft and add to your favorite dish, pasta etc...pretty simple and amazing source of protein. said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Mamie Houston! I've been following your blog since 1972, and I have been really interested in your recent articles. I, myself, have been experiencing difficulties finding the time to post on my own blog as well, so I know how you feel! After reading your article, I was intrigued, so I asked my mother if she had eaten eggs when she was pregnant with me. She replied with, "No, eggs are what got me here in the first place." Oh, well! I've heard that eating sauerkraut beetle pellets mixed with Absinthe Verte makes for a great mid-pregnancy concoction! Everyone should really try it! I have been recommending this to my friends over the years, and their responses were very positive. I have to head to my Pilates class, but questions are always welcome! Feel free to contact me!!!!! XOXO

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