Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quaker Oats Chewy Bars

A reader wrote in to me stating that they had heard that the glycerin in Quaker Oats bars was animal-based. However, I received the following response when I wrote into them.

"Thank you for your inquiry about the source of glycerin in Quaker Chewy Bars.

I'm pleased to tell you that in all Quaker products, the glycerin is from a vegetable source and is kosher pareve. (Kosher pareve means it doesn't contain meat or dairy.)"

Pareve does mean the products can contain fish, from what I understand.

Have any of you heard different?

Quaker Oats website


Tina said...

Sarah -- eek! -- when are you going to post again? My hubby and I were hoping you would post something for the New Year. We hope you had a happy New Year -- we did!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address your inquiry. We appreciate your interest in our products and hope the following information will be helpful.

Glycerin is a thick, syrupy binding agent that we use to make our bars chewy. Information from our suppliers indicates that the source of glycerin is animal (beef or pork). We thank you for your interest in our products, and hope we can continue to count you among our truly valued consumers.