Friday, August 13, 2010


Saffron is a casual dining restaurant with two locations in Downtown LA and Beverly Hills on 230 South Beverly Drive. The owner provided me with the following information:

"In our Beverly Hills location, we have two tandoor ovens. One is used
exclusively to cook tandoori chicken. The other is used exclusively
to make naan bread. (FYI: The bread is not made with eggs. It does,
however, contain dairy.) In our downtown location, we only have one
tandoor oven. That oven is used exclusively to make naan bread. (We
do not serve tandoori chicken in our downtown location).

Our vegetarian entrees are not made in ovens. All of vegetables are
cooked stove-top completely separate from any meat. Our aloo gobi
(Beverly Hills only) and channa masala are vegan. Our tofu tikka
masala and saag paneer (Beverly Hills only) both contain dairy."

One of the owners has been vegetarian all her life, so they are very sensitive to dietary restrictions. I can't wait to check them out.

click here for more information on Saffron