Sunday, June 20, 2010

More on Eat Pastry

After reading about Eat Pastry on their website, I was interested in learning more. Jessie, one of the founders, kindly gave me an interview:

1. What is your company's background?

Alfred and myself met while attending pastry school at The French Culinary Institute in New York City. We launched our cookie dough in June of 2009, and still remain a very small company. We personally test each batch of cookie dough to make sure it's yummy delish perfection. And yes, we are vegan.

2. What led you to create your product?

Both of us were always interested in health and the environment, which is one of the things that brought the two of us together. After having attended pastry school, we knew we didn't want to make things for people that were bad for their health, and so detrimental to the preservation of the environment. All the butter, eggs, and cream that we used to make traditional pastries was excessive, and borderline gross. So, we decided to save our money by leaving NYC, move in together (yikes! that was a gamble...glad it all worked out), and start creating vegan recipes. As we worked on the recipes, the recipes worked on us as we gradually became fully vegan ourselves. It was a lot of fun, and definitely a life changing experience.

3. Were there any obstacles that you had to overcome to create your product?

Oh yes, there were many obstacles that we faced creating EatPastry. If I listed them all, we could be nearing a novel size response. Developing the product was the 'easy' part I suppose because it was something we had 'know-how' of doing. As far as running a business goes, that was something that we had to, and still have to, learn as we go. Deciding on packaging was also difficult because the designers we worked with at Moxie Sozo were so talented, and there were many different avenues to go down. With a lot of love and communication we've found clever ways of overcoming our obstacles.

4. Are there any more products you hope to create in the future?

Sure, we have a lot of vegan recipes that we created when we were experimenting, and we still experiment with new recipes today. There will definitely be more products down the line, but that's top secret ;)

5. Is there anything else you would like my readers to know?

I get asked a lot whether the dough can be put in the freezer...yes! hooray! Our cookie dough freezes well, and will last forever if it makes it that long...we're all cookie monsters at heart, and self control is overrated in my opinion

Thank you, Eat Pastry!


Anonymous said...

Thats pretty amazing. Thank you for doing this.

Anonymous said...

Hey..Whole Foods in Michigan-are you listening?? PLEASE stock this item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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