Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yummy Cupcakes

I love it when I happen to come across something eggless by pure chance. The other day I was walking down 3rd street in Santa Monica and saw that Yummy Cupcakes offered vegan cupcakes. They always have at least one set of vegan cupcakes available and have a total of 48 flavor combinations that can be requested. All cupcakes are baked fresh daily and stated to have"no shortenings, oils, prepackaged mixes, trans fats or preservatives." According to the employee when I was there, they have more vegan options on Monday, Friday, and Sunday.

I was there on a Saturday so the one option available was the I had the chocolate/vanilla cupcake (shown below), which was decent.

They are also located in Burbank. I look forward to returning to see what flavor I like best.

click here for more information on Yummy Cupcakes


veganhomemaker said...

I go to yummy cupcakes in burbank almost everyday. Today is carrotcake. I have had that one before and it is awesome!

Sarah said...

Cool, thanks! I will see if I can try that one.

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