Thursday, January 14, 2010

Los Angeles Dosa Truck

I feel like this is a dream come true. One of the things I love about India is that you can get fresh Indian food at every corner. The "Dosa Truck," brings me just a little closer to having that in LA. Dosas are thin, crispy Indian crepes made from lentils and rice. I spoke to a representative who stated that with the exception of the breakfast dosa, everything on their menu is eggless, and the "only dairy is paneer cheese and yogurt for lassis and coconut chutney." Their menu also states that they offer vegan dosas.

They offer some pretty creative-sounding dosas, like the daily special "Shiva's Garden" with avocado, carmelized onions, baby heirloom tomatoes. They also cover some pretty good ground across LA, from Downtown to Hollywood to West LA. I'm so bummed I missed them today during lunch in West LA at the T-lofts! Hopefully I can catch them next week and take pictures. You can follow them on Twitter, or go to their website for their weekly schedule.

click here for the Dosa Truck menu
click here for the Dosa Truck website

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