Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot Breads Bakery & Cafe

Special thanks to Chickuji for reminding me to look into Hot Breads Bakery & Cafe on Pioneer Blvd in Artesia. Hot Breads is apparently a chain that started in South India. Although not all of their breads are eggless, a good majority are and the staff is well-informed of which breads do and do not have eggs. However, I would not recommend any of their ready-made baked goods on the shelf. I bought the cupcakes and they were quite hard in texture. When I asked them if perhaps I had got an old cupcake they replied that all of them are hard except the fruitcake. I did really enjoy the paneer tika panini sandwich though, I look forward to having that next time I come to Artesia. Ever since Julio's closed, I've missed having that one particular place to look forward to in Artesia, perhaps this can be it?

They also make wedding and special events eggless cakes.

click here for the Hot Breads Bakery & Cafe in LA website


Cheekuji said...

Thanks for posting this. Agreed, do the special order. They just need a day's notice. I've already tried 4 flavors.
1. Black Forest - 8/10. Cake is very soft, less cream would be better.
2. Chocolate Truffle: 5/10. The chocolate layer is great but it is so hard that it doesn't feel like your eating cake.
3. Chocolate mousse: 9/10 - Best eggless chocolate cake I've had.
4. Mixed Fruit - 6/10 - It is alright nothing special. Also you'll have to consume the whole thing at once. It becomes soggy after a day.

If you need eggless cake this is the place to go. It beats amazingcakes and sweetcraze hands down

Sarah said...

Thanks for your tips, Chickuji! Will try the Chocolate Mouse sometime...

S. Shah said...

I had this pineapple cake and it was really good. I didn't special order it but it was still very moist and everyone at the party liked it. It wasn't toooo sweet (which I personally liked). I felt that there was maybe too much frosting on it, but my cousin who loves frosting loved the cake, so I guess that's on you. I would definitely recommend this place

Anonymous said...

We had a similar concern over the cupcakes. We tried them and they were really hard. We didn't trust them for a special order because we assumed they would turn out like the pre-made ones.

Anonymous said...

Love Hot Breads Bakery! Tried Amazing Cakes and their regular cupcakes were dry and very dense - can't imagine how the eggless cake would be. Also, the people not that helpful or friendly. Tried Sweet Craze too and the cupcakes were good, very nice people. But got nothing on Hot Breads Bakery. Bought several to try and everyone loved them - couldn't believe it was eggless. They also have great paneer tika and chicken tika puffs.

Anonymous said...

I had a very bad experience with Hot Breads Bakery & Cafe. I've ordered a cake to be delivered in LA from India. They were very unprofessional in their approach.

I would never recommend them in future.