Friday, November 20, 2009

Nestle Toll House Cafe - 10% Off (Redondo Beach)

The Redondo Beach Nestle Toll House Cafe is offering 10% all orders with the mention of Go Eggless. I spoke with the owners who verified that their macaroons are eggless. They hope to have more eggless cookies in the future.


click here for the Redondo Beach Nestle Toll House Cafe website


S. Shah said...

I've had the macaroons here and they are DELICIOUS. I'm not even a big coconut person but I would highly recommend them. I also had their chocolate covered strawberries and not surprisingly, they were delicious as well. I also met the owners while I was there and they were incredibly nice and accomodating.

Bonnie said...

I agree, the macaroons are delicious and delightfully HUGE. I haven't had better macaroons anywhere! The very personable owners told me they cater, eggless, too.