Monday, November 9, 2009

LA Times Articles on the Vegetarian Diet

The health section of the LA Times today featured a total of 4 articles on vegetarian diets for kids and teens. All the articles were very positive and with good tips. The articles also emphasized that vegetarian diets need to be well-planned, and I agree wholeheartedly.

Skipping the main course and eating just the starchy side dishes, such as potatoes, bread and rice, is one common mistake that often fails to satisfy nutritional requirements. Loading every meal with cholesterol-filled eggs or fatty cheeses is another mistake.

Having grown up as a vegetarian kid, I know for a fact that being vegetarian does not automatically equal being healthy. I am well aware of this as a vegetarian adult as well. Although I don't load up on eggs (duh), I am definitely guilty of having meals that are just cheese and starchy foods.

The food pyramid that they shared was especially helpful. It is interesting to know how much smaller the required portions of eggs and dairy are compared with the rest of the food groups. I need to continue maximizing on eating lentils and beans.

How about you, how do you feel you measure up in terms of this pyramid and in being a healthy vegetarian?

Click on the links below to read the LA times articles:
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Beatrice said...

I probably lean too heavily on sweets. D'oh.

It is interesting to see where nuts and seeds fit in, compared to oils, eggs, or dairy.

anetad said...

At least it's good that the pyramid shows that oils are essential in our diets. It doesn't specify the kind of oil, but we need to remember to consume healthy options. Our brain consist to a large extent of fats, and omega-3 fatty acids play key role in its functioning. Whoever doesn't consume enough omega oils shoud think of supplementation. There's one excellent source I know - it comes from Echium oil (find the details of Echiomega if it's of interest)