Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baker's Drive Thru - Vegetarian Menu!

Baker's Drive Thru, a southern California chain based in the Inland Empire, now has a vegetarian menu on their website. Certain items like veggies tacos and burritos with soy protein are only offered at select locations, but all locations offer foods such as Boca burgers and veggie wraps. Their definition of vegetarian appears to include eggs and dairy, but they list the individual components of every item. I will write to them to get more of a low down and to confirm that there are no hidden ingredients that lacto-vegetarians or vegans might not want.

click here for Baker's Drive Thru's vegetarian menu
click here for the Baker's Drive Thru website

Special thanks to Alyson of for letting me know about this.


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Are the hamburger buns Vegan?