Wednesday, July 22, 2009

25 Things Chefs Never Tell You

I just came across an interesting article in Food Network Magazine called "25 Things Chefs Never Tell You." Here are 2 of the 25 things I would like to share with you:

“Vegetarian” is open to interpretation. About 15% of chefs said their vegetarian dishes might not be completely vegetarian. Beware if you’re one of those super-picky vegan types: One chef reported seeing a cook pour lamb’s blood into a vegan’s primavera.

Roaches are more common than you think. Yes, 75% of chefs said they’ve seen roaches in the kitchen. And yet, chefs swear their kitchens are clean. On a scale of 1 to 10, 85% of chefs ranked their kitchens an 8 or higher for cleanliness.

**Sigh** Regarding the first entry, I have learned that only too well from doing this blog. I was reading the other day that in the UK, they have an official vegetarian seal that they put on foods after careful evaluation by their Vegetarian Society. Would be nice to have that here.

Regarding the second entry, as is mentioned on this health department website, cockroaches can carry disease-causing germs and transmit them to surfaces and food. "People catch these germs when they touch contaminated surfaces or eat contaminated food. Also, cockroach feces and body parts can cause asthma and allergic reactions in some people." To hear that the number is as high as 75% is not good.

How about you, what are your thoughts?

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Anoop said...

“Vegetarian” is open to interpretation - sounds about right, i try to avoid unless i have been recommended its safe to eat at a certain place. It makes it difficult to find a good restaurant that is pure vegetarian, as a strict Hindu. In some countries they just don't understand the concept of vegetarian.
One thing i am greatful for is the 'v' on many foods here in the UK and the Vegetarian Society seal makes shopping that bit easier.

p.s. great blog

Sarah said...

Thanks Anoop! So you live in the UK and get that "V" seal...very lucky...

gina said...

I live in Michigan and often find it difficult to eat out, even at familiar places. I found out that the dressing on the miso salad (without chicken or shrimp) at California Pizza Kitchen contains egg; the dressings on my other favorite (local) spots also contain anchovies (tomato-basil vinegarette) and RAW egg (tomato-basil vinegarette)?? One restaurant's vegetarian chili was made with beef stock as mentioned in the article, you have to ask about specific ingredients like egg or stock.I tried contacting Olive Garden after reading a card in the restaurant about gluten-free items. My email asked about eggless, cheeseless items, but they were not very forthcoming and said it was "up to me to make choices depending on my own dietary concerns". Wow..Thanks for the good info