Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Raw Daddy's

Raw Daddy's serves 100% vegan food in cones. As an example here is one of their foods as described on their website:

"Wakame Daddy Sushi Cone
Filled with layers of a delicate mixture of wakame, daikon radish, and cucumbers, as well as our riced and sweetly seasoned parsnips. Topped with RawDaddy's creamy wasabi dressing."

They can be found at either the Campell, Los Altos or Palo Alto Farmer's Markets up in Northern California throughout the month. According to the owner, "There is no meat, no dairy, no processed starch, no processed sugar, and nothing is cooked above 118 degrees. It doesn't mean my food doesn't have the appearance or the feeling, or the taste of being cooked. The techniques that I use gives that pleasure, yet the food is considered raw. No Eggs."

Please let us know if you get a chance to try one of these interesting cones.

click here for Raw Daddy's website

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