Thursday, June 4, 2009

POM Wonderful Juice

A representative from POM Wonderful informed me that their 100% pomegranate juice is without any, "preservatives, additives or colorings. We do concentrate the juice, but it is reconstituted to its original strength when bottled (using reverse osmosis filtered water)." So there are no carmine additives to worry about.

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Anonymous said...

POM used to test its beverages on animals - no idea why, but definitely unappealing for a "natural" product

POM Wonderful said...

Yes, several years ago we did some testing, under the advisement of medical professionals. But we did mend our ways a few years ago and have received thanks from PETA for doing so. See the site..."Please thank POM for making the compassionate decision to end all animal tests and for showing that good health never has to come at the expense of animals'..."