Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alternative Baking Company

Someone commented on my post on FIX Coffee House that Dee's is taking a break from baking. FIX now uses the Alternative Baking Company for their cookies.

From the Alternative Baking Company's website:

"Are your cookies really completely vegan?
Each one of our cookies is guaranteed to be be 100% vegan. We never use dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, or artificial ingredients. (And yet our cookies taste awesome!)

Will my cookies be fresh when they arrive at my door?
YES! We only keep a small supply of cookies on-hand, so they always ship out extremely fresh. Your order should arrive at your home within four days time (excluding Sundays) so that when you bite down, fresh goodness is all you can taste.

Do you have any wheat-free cookies?
Actually, we have two of them: Snickerdoodle and Mac the Chip.

How long will it take for my order to get to me?
As we ship via USPS Priority Mail, your order should arrive at your home within four days (excluding Sundays)."

click here for the Alternative Baking Company's website

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