Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Casa De Tree

According to Casa De Tree's website, this deli/bakery in Torrance, California offers "a unique blend of Japanese and French recipes.

In addition to being ORGANIC and VEGAN, our cuisine is delicious, seasonal, balanced, nutritious, naturally low in fat and made fresh daily.

Sea salt and fresh herbs along with traditional Japanese condiments, naturally brewed soy sauce and miso made with organic soy beans, add a unique variety of gourmet flavors. Our breads are made with natural live cultured levain. (No yeast.) We use water that's been filtered and purified using π water processor.

No meat, fish, dairy, eggs, refined sugar, yeast, MSG, lard, preservatives, or any other artificial additives are used in our cooking. We do not use Microwave either. Many healthy and delicious choices plus endless combinations, with ready made deli selections. Tofu Quiche, Bento Boxes, and Sugar Free Desserts. (We use agave nectar, barley melt, brown rice syrup and maple syrup as our sweetener.) We offer several WHEAT-FREE dishes, bread and pastry as well. We take pride in our healthy alternative food and specialize in Organic Vegan Food. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, tea or coffee! You can dine-in our bright and cozy cafe, or simply carryout." They also cater events.

The website also states that their west LA location should be opening soon.

click here for more details on Casa De Tree

Other vegan/ eggless bakeries:
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The Sensitive Baker (Culver City, CA)
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Anonymous said...

The sensitive baker is not vegan. As i have posted before their breadsticks contained eggs after which i just walked out. But if they use eggs in breadsticks it might be used in other stuff as well.

Sarah said...

Dear "Anonymous",
Although not vegan, they offer some eggless baked goods(including breads) as stated in the post ( The list I have is for vegan or eggless bakeries. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at