Friday, March 20, 2009

The Senstive Baker

Special thanks to Tina P for telling us about this is a gluten-free bakery located in Culver City! A representative emailed me the following, "We can make egg-free cakes & cupcakes upon request, chocolate & vanilla. Also we always have an egg-free cookie & muffin, and a couple of egg-free breads."

click here for the Sensitive Baker's website

Other bakeries that offer eggless products:
Mr Natural (Austin, Texas)
Jamaica's Cakes (Los Angeles, CA)
Vegan Treats Bakery (Various East Coast Locations)
Dee's Bakery and Donuts (Los Angeles, CA)
Taste No Evil Muffin Company (Austin, Texas)
Amazing Cakes (Anaheim, CA)
Zen Bakery (Los Angeles, CA)
Sorella's Homemade Baked Goods (Michigan)
Sweet Craze (Chino Hills, CA)
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for doing this.
I have a general question since you are doing this.

Where in west LA i can find Milk that doesnt have animal derived Vitamin D. I didnt find milk without Vitamin D anywhere except Whole foods. Whole foods non vitamin D milk is so expensive that one might not have milk. Plus since it is not pasturized, i wonder if it will last 2-3 days max . I was wondering if you know of other sources.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, I can look into this. To make sure I understand, you are saying that you would like milk that didn't have Vitamin D added to it, correct?

Anonymous said...

Right. Milk without Vitamin D because as i understand Vitamin D comes from animal source.

Gastronomers - Amman & Anjali said...

My brother has celiac - he's tried this place and likes it a lot.

Question - does anyone know where he can find a gluten-free wedding cake in the Orange County area? I've tried calling MANY places, and have found none...

Gastronomers - Amman & Anjali said...
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Gastronomers - Amman & Anjali said...

by the way...a few other common resturants off the top of my head which are gluten-free friendly in case anyone is interested:

Z-pizza (in newport beach)
Maggiano's Italian (they have gluten-free pasta)
Sammy's Pizza (chain in SD that started having gluten-free pizza)
Jimbo's (grocery store in SD has freshly baked vegan and gluten-free desserts)

Sarah said...

Dear Anonymous, Sorry, Whole Foods was all I could come up with as well. Only other thing I could think of are dairy farms. I think there is one in Cerritos but they are not online...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, this placed is not totally vegan. We went to this place over the weekend and just in time came to know their breadsticks had eggs.