Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mr. Natural

Beth had also mentioned this restaurant/bakery in Austin, Texas. Both locations have a smoothie bar and one has a yoga center. According to an email from a representative, "everything on our menu is meat-free, all of our food items have a vegan option except quesadillas and omelets. Our bakery is also egg-free except for our Italian Cream Cake & Flan Chocolate Cake." Thanks for letting us know about this place, Beth!

click here for Mr. Natural's website

Other bakeries that offer eggless products:
Jamaica's Cakes (Los Angeles, CA)
Vegan Treats Bakery (Various East Coast Locations)
Dee's Bakery and Donuts (Los Angeles, CA)
Taste No Evil Muffin Company (Austin, Texas)
Amazing Cakes (Anaheim, CA)
Zen Bakery (Los Angeles, CA)
Sorella's Homemade Baked Goods (Michigan)
Sweet Craze (Chino Hills, CA)
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miss v said...

good to know... i'm going to austin for vacation!

Beth Miner said...

This place is so fantastic! Their lunch/dinner specials fill your plate up with your choice of salad, entree, and two sides. Everything I've tried has been delish, some of my faves include the tofu pipian, stir fry, and burritos. Their vegan desserts are some of the best in town, too!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for additional info Beth, it sounds really awesome, wish they had something like that in LA...I guess Follow Your Heart comes close but there's no smoothie bar or yoga center!

Anonymous said...

Miss V - Let us know how you like it if you go there. Will you get a chance to go to the Taste No Evil trolley? Another bakery that sounds wonderful and unique to Austin.