Monday, February 23, 2009

Purgatory Pizza - Coupons

One of the places mentioned in my post on Dee's Bakery and Donuts is Purgatory Pizza, located in Downtown LA on East 1st Street. Aside from carrying Dee's vegan baked goods, they also offer vegan and lacto-vegetarian New York style pizzas.

Their pizza dough does not have any eggs. Their representative emailed that "all that is in the dough is flour, oil, yeast sugar and salt."

There is "no animal what-so-ever in the sauce" as well.

Their regular cheese is made with microbial rennet. Their vegan mozzarella cheese is a Teese cheese.

They have free delivery for orders over $10. The representative also sent me coupons which expire March 15th.

click here for Purgatory Pizza's website
click here for Purgartory Pizza's coupons (expire March 15, 2009)

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