Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Votre Sante

This restaurant in Brentwood indicates that the following meals can be ordered "without eggs, dairy,or animal products" on their website:

  • VEGETARIAN BURRITO Chicken or tofu, Brown rice, black bean chili, salsa, tahini sauce wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and topped with carrot sauce organic mixed greens with cilantro lime dressing.
  • VEGETARIAN TOSTADA Toasted whole wheat tortilla filled with brown rice, black bean chili, lettuce, tomato, avocado, sprouts, and tahini.
  • SPINACH ENCHILADA Two corn tortillas filled with spinach, topped with spinach sauce and soy cheese, served with black beans and cilantro lime mixed greens.
  • FALAFEL PLATTER* Grilled falafel patty, humus, tabuli, lettuce, tomato, tahini, and whole wheat pita.
  • T & T* A spicy blend of tofu, mushrooms, veggie chili, and corn tortilla cooked in carrot chili sauce, served over brown rice with black beans, corn tortilla, and salsa.
  • STIR-FRIED VEGETABLES* Chef's choice of fresh vegetables, sauteed in ginger tamari sauce, served over brown rice.
  • BLACKENED TOFU FEAST* Blackened organic tofu, steamed vegetables, organic brown rice, and soy tahini sauce.
  • DRAGONTAIL* Fresh vegetables, hijinki and tofu, sauteed in ginger tamari sauce, served with brown rice, black beans, and soy tahini.
* May be prepared oil free upon request

I like that they also let you prepare meals oil free.

click here for A Votre Sante's website


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