Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Shocking Food Information

A while back, I had posted about unhealthy food ingredients that are not visible to the naked eye. I was recently sent a similar sort of Yahoo! Health blog post from one of my most loyal readers (thanks, Dad!). This post, called the 20 Worst Foods in America, 2009 by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, provides the following information on certain veggie foods:

Worst "Healthy" Sandwich

Blimpie Veggie Supreme (12")
1,106 calories
56 g fat (33 g saturated fat)
2,831 mg sodium
96 g carbohydrates

Sure, a Veggie Supreme sandwich sounds healthy, but this foot-long comes with three different kinds of cheese, and it’s drenched in oil. After Blimpie gets done with this vegetarian nightmare, you’d be better off consuming two Big Macs than sitting down with this sandwich.

Really? 2 Big Macs? Just goes to show that being vegetarian is not a guarantee of good health. Interestingly, Subway's Veggie Delite has much less fat content. The 6" is listed as having 3 g of fat, so the 12" would have 6 g, and only 2 g of saturated fat. I used to eat Blimpie's quite often as a teenager because that was the only sandwich shop around. Glad there are only Subway's where I live now.

Worst Dessert

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Dessert Ravioli
1,630 calories
74 g fat
33 g saturated fat
1,150 mg sodium
223 g carbohydrates

Would you eat a Quarter Pounder for dessert? How about four? That’s how many it takes to match the calorie-load of this decadent dish. It’s the quickest way to ruin what may have been a sensible dinner. (Then again, if dinner was at Macaroni Grill, chances are it was anything but sensible.)

This probably has eggs since it is not mentioned in the email that Macaroni Grill sent me or in their allergen menu, but still! And now...

The Worst Food of 2009

Baskin Robbins Large Chocolate Oreo Shake
2,600 calories
135 g fat (59 g saturated fat, 2.5 g trans fats)
263 g sugars
1,700 mg sodium

We didn’t think anything could be worse than Baskin Robbins' 2008 bombshell, the Heath Bar Shake. After all, it had more sugar (266 grams) than 20 bowls of Froot Loops, more calories (2,310) than 11 actual Heath Bars, and more ingredients (73) than you’ll find in most chemist labs. Rather than coming to their senses and removing it from the menu, they did themselves one worse and introduced this caloric catastrophe. It’s soiled with more than a day’s worth of calories and three days worth of saturated fat, and, worst of all, usually takes less than 10 minutes to sip through a straw.

135 grams of fat? Are you kidding me? I don't usually use italics while blogging, but this one definitely merits italics. Well, this definitely motivates me to cook my own food and minimize eating out...who knows what's been in some of the other restaurant food that I can't get nutritional information for?

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