Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Acapulco Mexican Restaurants Y Cantina - Clarification

I wanted to point out a change that I just made to my previous post on Acapulco last week which can be found by clicking here. The manager at my neighborhood Acapulco had indicated the Chile Rellenos to be without eggs, but after a reader questioned it in the comments section, I called the restaurant today to make sure. The employee who answered the phone stated he checked with the chef who stated that they normally do contain eggs but can be made without. It is very frustrating when this happens and this is why I normally try to work with corporate offices or restaurant owners/ executive chefs only. But I did not hear from the Acapulco's corporate office despite previous repeated attempts and thought I could trust what the manager told me. It's actually the first time I have relied on someone who is not of those aforementioned positions, and this tells me I should stick to my original method. But of course, that method also cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, which is why I have my disclaimer below, as there is always risk for miscommunication despite the utmost care. So I apologize if anyone got the Chile Rellenos thinking they could eat it when they actually couldn't. Hopefully no one did.

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