Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mountain High Yogurt

All Mountain High yogurt is without gelatin. On their website they state they "never use any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives," and this appears to be the case even in their flavored yogurts. Their website offers lots of great recipes and ways to substitute for items like cream cheese and sour cream with yogurt. These mushroom enchiladas caught my eye in particular, where they add yogurt to the mushroom mixture.

As an aside, I am glad that they have made an effort to be more green by replacing the plastic lid on their flavored yogurts with foil. I actually did not know they have flavored yogurts until I looked on their site. They appear to be new, I don't think my Ralph's carries them yet.

click here for Mountain High's website


Anonymous said...

I like Mountain High's yogurt too since it's one of few not-so-expensive gelatin-free yogurts, but would love to see more posts on hormone-free dairy too! :)

Anonymous said...

Sure thing! Are you referring to artificial growth hormones? If so, Mountain High is listed to be without that on their here on their website.

Anonymous said...

I usually get yogurt from Trader Joe's. The Trader Joe's brand is gelatin and hormone free.

Beatrice said...

I really like the Mountain High vanilla yogurt. It's my favorite vanilla.