Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free USDA Recipe Book

Yesterday I mentioned the recipe finder website that I discovered in the Food section of the LA Times. A free, downloadable recipe book from the USDA was also mentioned. I went through the book to check for any lacto-vegetarian entries before passing on the link to you. The recipes have a helpful nutritional content breakdown as well.

I found the following lacto-vegetarian entries (no eggs, meat, or fish):

  • cheese-stuffed potatoes (page 43)
  • potato soup (page 46)
  • baked crispy potatoes (page 49)
  • scalloped potatoes (page 52)
  • shoestring potatoes page 53)
  • potato salad (substitute with veganaise) (page 57)
  • baked beans (page 48)
  • ranch beans (page 51)
  • chickpea dip (page 54)
  • macaroni salad (substitute with veganaise) (page 56)
  • cooked rice cereal (page 61)
  • peach-apple crisp (page 68)

click here to download hte free recipe book from USDA


Anonymous said...

This sounds great, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, Glad you like it! It's nice to know there are things like this that our government offers us.