Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wustof Classic Panini Knife

I just had to do one more knife post. This past Sunday, I went to a Williams-Sonoma demo class on knife skills and saw this knife. The Wustof Classic Panini knife is recommended for cutting bread, tomatoes, and cheeses. The knife is serrated so it won't need to be resharpened very often (the demo chef said about once a year). Afterward, the demo chef and I discussed that vegetarians really only need 2 knives - a Santoku knife (like the one I mention here) and this knife. For meat eaters he recommended 3 (the 2 previously mentioned and a chef's knife).

So I bought the panini knife and I am so glad. It has never been easier to cut a loaf of bread. And it is awesome on tomatoes. I love that you can multi-task with this knife and don't need to own a separate bread and serrated knife.

This knife is not on Amazon, they only have the Ikon Panini knife on there and the chef recommended the Classic Panini knife over the Ikon. I am left-handed and he said this knife can work for both lefties and righties (too bad the same can't be said for political views :)).

click here for details on the Wustof Classic Panini Knife

By the way, the demo class I went to was free. They have a series of free classes on Sundays at various Williams-Sonomas. I have learned so many cool things from these classes, like how to dice a tomato, cut an onion, maket ratatouille, etc. This Sunday's class will be on cookies.

click here for details on free Williams-Sonoma classes

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