Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Veggie Grill

The Veggie Grill's menu is entirely plant-based. They currently have 2 locations, one on UC Irvine's campus and one in El Segundo. I have been hearing about how good Veggie Grill is from various people,who ironically have all been non-vegetarians. According to the OC Register it was voted the #1 new restaurant in Orange County. They will also plan to be opening at the Irvine Spectrum around November and are looking into West LA for their next location, according to Fast Food Maven.

Have any of your eaten there? What are your thoughts?

click here for Veggie Grill's menu (which includes information about gluten-free options)

click here for Veggie Grill's exact locations


Tina P. said...

I have eaten at the Irvine Veggie Grill many many times, and absolutely LOVE IT. Every single "burger" on the menu is delicious as are their sweet potato fries! It's amazing how they have converted every style of meat into a vegan recipe.

Tina P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Tina P!

Michael Doss said...

Veggie Grill is fantastic - it's nice going somewhere where every item is available to me. I've never had anything bad there, though it does tend to taste a bit greasy at times. It's amazingly well done food, though, with a good variety and great flavors.

My only complaints are that it's pricey for a counter service restaurant, they don't have diet soda (personal pet peeve), and the menu's a little small. No reasons not to eat there, though.

Bonnie said...

Don't miss their carrot cake! Totally delicious with the perfect icing. A real treat!

Unknown said...

Why would they offer diet soda at a health conscious restaurant which is entirely plant based? Not using your dome their, chief.