Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet Craze - 10% off until November 30th

Sweet Craze is an eggless bakery and frozen yogurt shop in Chino Hills. I was very impressed to learn that all the baked goods and frozen yogurts are handmade.

The owner, Meera Amin, graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice, but after working for a year in the field she decided to try something else. A lacto-vegetarian herself, she decided to open a shop that would provide lacto-vegetarian baked goods and frozen yogurt. Examples of baked goods they offer are brownies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and bars. Most items are made to order, but a couple of pre-made items are kept ready to go in case a customer does not want to wait. The frozen yogurt contains no gelatin and no artificial flavors or colors.

From now until November 30th, they will give a 10% discount to anyone who mentions reading about them on this website. You can call them at 909-606-5166 to place your order and pick up from their store, located at 15390 Fairfield Ranch Road, Suite G in Chino Hills.

Have any of you ever tried their products?

click here for Sweet Crave's website


miss v said...

too bad i live in the middle of the country. :(

Anonymous said...

I will see if I can find something near you! Otherwise, one more reason to visit Cali!

Anonymous said...

I had been there two weeks ago. The yogurt concept is such a great idea; but for those people that enjoy brownies, cakes, etc, but usually can't eat them because of egg issues...You really need to dry them...they are really good

Anonymous said...

i added Sweet Craze on my Twitter to receive special offers, right now they have $5 off on Mothers day cake orders, they have eggless cake and diabetic friendly cake