Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Case You are Planning a Vacation

We are planning our next vacation and I thought I would pass this information on. I came across an interesting article on vegetarian travel options. In particular, a site called Vegetarian Vacations caught my eye:

"Vegetarian Vacations, at, gives telephones and addresses (or e-mail addresses) and Internet links for 24 tour operators who offer vegetarian food. The list includes a bicycle touring company in Wales, a summer camp in Quebec, a wilderness expedition operator in Alaska, a spa in Mexico, even a fruitarian tour operator in Turkey. The site provides the same information on about 30 vegetarian guesthouses in Britain, Europe, Asia and North America."

Prior to going on vacation I often try to figure out where I can eat so we don't get stuck eating some ho-hum salad somewhere. I like the idea that you wouldn't have to worry about the food if you book with these places. I'm sure it would be like that feeling of relief that I get when I eat at vegan restaurants, where it is so nice not having to inquire about food ingredients! I don't think we can do any of these this time because of the timing, but maybe next time!

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