Thursday, October 2, 2008


There are things about LA that make me dislike it (like traffic), but then things like food theme nights at restaurants make me like it. So far I have learned that every Sunday nights it is Burger Night at Grace, Mozzarella Monday's at Jar, Doughnut Shoppe at Grace on Wednesdays, and Grilled Cheese Night at Campanile.

I have written to each restaurant to see what they serve on those nights that is vegetarian and eggless. The sous chef for Campanile was the first to email back. I am excited to know that I can partake in their theme night.

For Grilled Cheese Night:

  • There is one cheese without animal rennet – the white grafton cheddar
  • The following breads are eggless: country white and wheat, and rye
  • You order the items above as a variation to the Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich which normally has country white (no eggs), guyere (animal rennet), and butter
  • You can add whole grain mustard and/or onions to the Classic Grilled Cheese for a $1
  • They can also add long cooked green, asparagus, pesto, mushrooms or other vegetables they have in house (eg, "if not too busy, grilled asparagus, caramelized onions and pesto")
  • The sous chef mentioned they can make "other ones with no cheese as well."
In addition, other menu items that are vegetarian and eggless are:
  • Fava beans with parsley pesto
  • Fried polenta
  • Trenne pasta (also vegan)
  • Large veggie plate
As additional information,"the brichoe rolls and bread is made with eggs." and "the burrata is made with animal rennet."

click here for Campanile's website

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