Thursday, September 18, 2008

Santa Monica Bistro

I spoke with the owner and manager of this Italian restaurant, located on 2301 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica, California. They provided the following information.

For lacto-vegetarians:
Rissotto Primavera
Penne all Vodka
Capellini Pomodori

Any of these dishes can be made vegan as well. The owner also mentioned that he is creating a vegetarian dish with fava beans and brown rice that he hopes to have available in the next few weeks.

Regarding their bread:
They serve bread prior to your entree. Although there is no egg in the dough itself, there is an egg wash that they brush on top.

For lunch, you can request a sandwich to be made on white bread that is without the egg wash.

click here for the Santa Monica Bistro website

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