Sunday, July 27, 2008

Note to Readers

A reader recently wrote to me with the suggestion to add an indexing feature to my site. There actually already is an index for those categories (eg, restaurants, fast food) that have a lot of posts. Click on the category you wish to see more of and look in the right-hand column for a list as pictured here:

Also, I wanted to mention a couple of other points:

  1. At the top of the blog, in the black header, there is a search engine for the site. You can use this to filter for vegan items, eggless items, etc.
  2. You can return to the main page at any time by clicking on the Go Eggless title at the top of each page.
  3. You can email any post by clicking on the envelope symbol at the bottom of the post.
  4. There is a bookmark icon at the end of every post that allows you to link the post to social networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, etc.

If you have further suggestions please email me at

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