Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lucky Foods

A Go Eggless reader recently wrote to us inquiring about Lucky Foods.

The reader had tried their spring rolls while out of state at a friend's house, and wanted to know if their products were sold anywhere near him:
click here for a list of locations

It was my first time hearing of Lucky Foods. Here is a little background information I obtained from emailing the company:

They are a family-owned business that sells frozen spring rolls and pot stickers. Both their products and manufacturing equipment are completely free of eggs, meat, or fish. Even their "Chicken Flavored Spring Rolls use a completely vegetarian blend."

As an aside, their "products are completely free of trans fats, preservatives, MSG, additives and artificial flavors/colors." I have always been curious to know how something can be frozen without preservatives. They stated their foods are "frozen and sealed immediately after cooking; eliminating the need for preservatives," so I guess that is how. I also found it unique that they "hand roll" all of their products.

Have you ever tried Lucky Foods products?

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