Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daphne's Greek Cafe

Our Go Eggless reader Erin inquired about Daphne's Greek Cafe. Here is the response from the area manager in Los Angeles:

All of their "vegetarian plate" items are without meat, fish, or egg, including the side dishes.

As listed on their website, the vegetarian plate items are the following. They are all served with Greek salad, rice pilaf, Tzatziki sauce and warm pita bread:

  • Veggie Combo Plate (spanakopita, falafel and hummus)
  • Hummus & Falafel Plate
  • Spanakopita Plate (fried filo dough filled with spinach and feta cheese)
Here are more details from the area manager:

"A. Greek Salad Ingredients: Green Salad Mix, Roma Tomatoes, Pepperoncini Peppers, Tapanade Olives, Feta Cheese. Light Salad Dressing. Vinegar Oregano, Citric Juice

B. Rice Pilaf: Rice Grains Vegetable Base, Unsalted Butter, Water

C. Tzatziki Sause: Sour Cream and Cucumber.

D. Pita Bread: Enriched Wheat Flour, Cornstarch, Water Milk, Iron, Malted Barley, Soybean Oil, 2% or less of Sugar, Salt. Contains: wheat flour , milk. manufactured in a facility that uses sesame seeds and ingredients with soy.

We Use Vegetable Oil, (Zero Grams of Trans Fat Oil Use.)

Please keep in mind that you can modify your meals, just mention it to our cashiers, Examples: you can get a veggie Pita, Salads with Falafels, Hummus, Spicy Feta Cheese, Salad with Fries, Veggie Plates, Etc."


EJS said...

Thanks, Sarah. The Veggie Combo Plate/Vegetarian Lunch is actually a favorite with even the unrepentant omnivores here at our place of work. Group lunches to Daphne's usually have everyone in the group ordering it, irrespective of denominational differences. It's my favorite, though I'll say of the spanakopita that it can be a bit over-greasy at some locations. It's pure vegetable oil, but still can pack an unpleasant wallop. Otherwise, yum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I can tell you that the rice is not vegetarian. A few of the Daphnes that we have visited in CA have told us that they use chicken stock in their rice.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am not sure if you are the same person who commented on Chevy's but it would be helpful if you would email me so I can discuss this further with you. I will email the area manager again, but it would be great if you could specify which locations told you this so I could let him know as well. Thanks! sarah@goeggless.com

EJS said...

Hi, Sarah. Another thought about Daphne's, triggered by your most recent blog about the gross unhealthiness of Blimpy's "healthy" veggie sandwich. Just how healthy (or not) IS the vegetarian fare at Daphne's? I'm thinking/worried especially about the spanakopita I commented about last time. By going meatless (and Eggless, of course!) for that lunch, am I coating my arteries with so much gunk that I may as well have had a pack of Pall Malls for lunch?

Anonymous said...

Hi EJS, Their website provides nutritional information here: http://www.daphnesgreekcafe.com/menu_less_600_nutrition.asp. They do not mention the spanakopita, but I am surprised to see that their cup of soup has 17 g of fat and that the falafel appetizer has 27 g. Will let you know what I find.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Anonymous," I still did not hear from you but I wanted to let you know that the area manager reconfirmed for me that there is no chicken stock in the rice. Feel free to email me anytime.

C said...

Thanks Sarah! For a long time i wondered if the rice was made with chicken stock.