Tuesday, June 10, 2008


According to the email below from the SanSai area manager, the vegetarian options without egg are:

Oriental Salad
Thai Noodle Salad
Tomato Salad
Cucumber with Seaweed Salad
Cut Veggie Rolls
Veggie Skewer
Yakisoba Noodles (normally has yakisoba oyster sauce, but can be made without it)
Teriyaki Tofu Plate or Bowl (no meat in teriyaki sauce)
Curry (can be made with a veggie skewer instead of chicken)
Vegetable spring rolls
Vegetable tempura (can be made without shrimp)

"Since I am not sure of all your dietary restrictions, I will let you know that the oil that we fry with is rice oil, but we fry shrimp in the same oil. If you were to order a veggie skewer, tofu, or tempura they would all be fried in the same oil as we fry shrimp. You can request the veggies are steamed and the tofu pan fried, but the tempura can only be prepared in the fryer. I hope that this answers your question and we look forward to serving you soon!"

So if you request tofu "to be pan fried, it would be fried in a pan using rice oil and not placed in the deep fryer."

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