Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe

From the Hard Rock Cafe Purchasing Manager on what items are vegetarian and eggless on their menu:

  • "Our suggestion is to eat the salads, requesting that they are prepared without animal proteins including bacon, bacon bits, egg etc and avoid any of the prepared salad dressings.
  • The Veggie Burger patty meets your requirements, however we caution that the bun may contain egg.
  • Our spec Spring Rolls will meet your requirements.
  • The potato skins without bacon should meet your requirements, as will the cheese quesadilla, HRC Nachos and fajitas without meat."
  • If the Hard Rock Cafe you are at uses Land O' Lakes cheese, then all the cheeses except American should be with microbial rennet.
"Please understand that we can not guarantee that the items have not come in contact with the foods you list during harvest, processing, manufacture, transport or production. I have reviewed the ingredient lists for theses items but again I want to stress that I can not guarantee that the ingredients provided will be from these manufacturers or that the items have not come in contact with the animal or fish products."

"I again would like to say that these recommendations are based on the ingredients provided by the suppliers of our spec products and can not guarantee that substitute products will be identical in ingredients."

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