Monday, June 23, 2008

El Torito Original Restaurant Salsa

Ever see the term "natural flavors" listed as an ingredient on the back of a product and wonder what it meant? I had noticed this on the back of the El Torito Original Restaurant Salsa I had bought at my local grocery store. The rest of their ingredients were recognizable and vegetarian.

As I've mentioned before in a reader comment, I've written to the El Torito restaurant twice and even called them but still have not heard back. I did, however, get a quick response back regarding this product's ingredients from Hormel Foods.

A consumer response specialist emailed me the following regarding the definition of "natural flavors":
"The flavoring is oregano, and oleoresin of American capsicum."

So that's good to know. I have heard before that "natural flavors" can be derived from meat products. Have you ever discovered this?

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Anonymous said...

When researching how to list ingredients for some of my products, I discovered that the term natural flavors can refer to plant or animal sources that do not contribute any significant nutritional value to the product. It crops up a lot in baked goods and sauces, but some salsa makers put a touch of beef stock in their salsa and then list it as "natural flavors." Yuck!

Chef Jason