Monday, September 22, 2008

El Cholo

9/22/08 update: My previous email below looked into entrees at El Cholo. After discussing El Cholo with the Liberal Atheist Vegetarian, I contacted El Cholo's corporate office to find out about their side dishes of rice and beans. They stated that there is chicken broth in the rice. The beans, however, do not have any meat stock. The pinto beans have cheese added to them, but the black beans do not. This was confirmed with the executive chef.

From 6/13/08:
The representative for this Southern California franchise checked with their executive chef and emailed the following:

"A lot of our sauces are chicken or beef based which limits a lot of our other items."
This includes the cheese enchiladas. "The enchilada sauce has a beef base."
They stated only one item on their menu to be vegetarian and eggless ("animal product free"):

  • Vegetarian Fajitas
Two other items are without a meat base but have animal-rennet in the cheese:
  • Nachos
  • Quesadillas


Anonymous said...

The information regarding El Cholo restaurant is very useful. From now on, when I go there I will make sure I order the Veggie Fajitas only!



Anonymous said...

A lot of other Mexican chains also have chicken or beef broth in their rice and other vegetarian-sounding items. El Torito waiters have claimed that their products are vegetarian, but don't know that their products have chicken bases. I'd avoid many Mexican restaurants unless they state their products are vegetarian or are verified on this site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Shreeraj! I have written and called El Torito but they still have not responded. I am waiting to hear back from a couple other places as well. A place that actually is veggie-friendly, in addition to Baja Fresh (see post), is Baja Bud's Del Norte. They are researching what type of rennet is in their cheese, but everything else that appears vegetarian is lard and meat-free and I will post on them when they get back to me.

ChristianZ said...
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ChristianZ said...

Just linked to this from my own El Cholo review.

Rachel said...

Do you know if their chips are vegan? I heard they may be fried in a meat product but the source wasn't sure.