Friday, May 23, 2008

HuHot Mongolian Grill

HuHot Mongolian Grill, located in several Midwest states, has their allergen information posted on their website:

The following items are made with eggs:
• Yakisoba Noodles • Shrimp Wontons
• Cheesecake Rangoons • Cheesecake
• Crab Rangoons • Fried Rice

The following menu items also contain dairy:
• Cheesecake • Raman Noodles (Asian Salad)
• Cheesecake Rangoons • Crab Rangoons

SAUCES: Only a few of our sauces contain dairy products. Those with dairy allergies CAN EAT*:
• Not-So-Sweet and Sour
• Samurai Teriyaki
• Khan's Favorite*
• Bekter's Ginger*
• Kung Pao... Yow!
• Five Village Fire Szechuan*
• Mean Bean Garlic*
• Not-So-Sweet & Sour
• Feed the Hordes Hoisin
• All the Create-Your-Own Sauces

*Bear in mind that these dairy-free options can have meat, fish, or eggs. According to their allergen chart, Khan's Favorite, Five Village Fire Szechuan, Mean Bean Garlic and Bekter's Ginger has mollusks. So refreshing though when a restaurant makes it relatively easy to find out what you can eat!

click here for HuHot's allergen information
click here for HuHot's allergen chart


Unknown said...

Thanks for including HuHot!

Sorry that link is outdated. Allergy info can currently be found at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I have updated it.