Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cici's Pizza

Only their brownies and all-white salad dressings have eggs, pizza cheese is noted to be from "microbial clones":
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Anonymous said...

I contacted my local CiCi's after realizing some pizza doughs have egg in them - I have an allergy - and they told me no they do not have egg, but after I told them I had an allergy, they told me that their dough does have egg in it. Makes me wonder how many allergens I am consuming without realizing it.

Anonymous said...

I think it it depends on who you talk to. Who told you there was eggs? It is not uncommon for one person to tell you one thing while another person tells you something else. That's why I try and rely on websites and corporate offices. Their website does not mention the breads as having eggs. Do you want me to try and contact someone in corporate for more information.

Unknown said...

I know they do now because it made my little girl sick. Who also has an egg allergy.